Subject offered
1. Humanities -
Compulsory Subject:-
(a) English        (b) Hindi
Optional Subject: (c) Geography  (d) Pol. Sc.    (e) History      (f) Economics      (g) Physical Education        (h) Music                                (i) Painting    (j) Maths

2. Commerce -
(a) English   (b) Accountancy   (c) Economics / 
Maths    (d) Business Studies  (e) Physical Education/ Music/ Painting

3. Science-
(a) English   (b) Physics    (c) Chemistry   (d) Biology/ Math   (e) 
Physical Education/ Music/ Painting

RIRS imparts education to enrich the inquisistiveness of the students. it inspires them to take part in different activities and compititions throught out india to extract the best from them.