About Us

RIRS is a school that strongly values partnership among parents, teachers and students. This residential school is situated in a pollution free environment that offers a unique educational, cultural, social experience by combining high quality academics, unmatched sports, inspiring and recreational facilities.

          *  We inculcate a positive attitude among students towards education.
          *  We help them realize their academic, creative & physical potential.
          *  We encourage their participation in social upliftment programmes.

The School 

With borders disappearing in a rapidly shrinking world, education takes on a global perspective. We strive to equip the children with skills and knowledge consistent with an international outlook retaining our Indian cultural values. Think of giving your child an experience that enriches their educational years. Only possible in a school called life. 

Our school strongly believes in the learning philosophy outlined and dedicates itself to create the environment required for such learning.

Unceasing quest for excellence-

      *  Spirit of enquiry and independent thinking. 
      *  Social and Environmental consciousness. 
      *  Character building. 
      *  Team Work. 
      *  Leadership and Mastery