About Us

From the Chairman's Desk
Dear Parents,

We are honoured to bring the most awaited residential school with a difference.

The 21st century is the century of globalization. In this age of rapid technological advancement the world is unifying into a single unit and the boundaries between domestic and international educational system are diminished. Indian students have tremendous talent, merit and potential for growth. We at RIRS provide an excellent opportunity and environment by acting as a catalyst to develop their potential.

The school offers a unique academic and living environment of continuous interaction and growth. I assure both the parents and the students that your RIRS is fast emerging as an excellent launching ground for their success, helping them in holistic development of the students in academic, cultural, sports and recreation fields.

Our motto is "A Spark to inspire knowledge and values". I promise that we will make all efforts to build successful scholars and leaders replete with human values with the help of our qualified teaching faculty, with an ideal teacher student ratio from the very beginning.

"Our aim is to define a child to know his potential so that he can sparkle in this modern futuristic globe"


Dr. Yudhvir Singh