The School

With borders disappearing in a rapidly shrinking world, education takes on a global perspective. We strive to equip the children with skills and knowledge consistent with an international outlook retaining our Indian cultural values. Think of giving your child an experience that enriches their educational years. Only possible in a school called life


Our Mission

Develop every student into a balanced individual with leadership qualities, capable of responding to the demands of the modern era with commitment to personal growth and community development. Provide high quality facilities and education in a disciplined and stimulating learning environment, with strong Indian ethos.

Our Vision

"To be a world-class educational institution of international repute, providing a modern and dynamic education consistent with the emerging global opportunities and growing obligations to the society." At RIRS, we endeavour to develop a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges 'head on' through broad based skills with due emphasis on ethical and moral values. Here we shall encourage and empower its pupils to achieve self-esteem and balanced personality. The school provides many opportunities for creative work. The trust will develop self-confidence, determination, analytical abilities and communicative skills among its students.


Founder's Messege

By supporting this mission, the School of Education is the leader in the development of quality teachers and professionals for the region.

Our programs are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP),

Chairman's Messege

Dear Parents, We are honoured to bring the most awaited residential school with a difference.

The 21st century is the century of globalization. In this age of rapid technological advancement the world is unifying into a single unit and the boundaries between domestic and international educational system are diminished. Indian students have tremendous talent, merit and potential for growth. We at RIRS provide an excellent opportunity and environment by acting as a catalyst to develop their potential.

The school offers a unique academic and living environment of continuous interaction and growth. I assure both the parents and the students that your RIRS is fast emerging as an excellent launching ground for their success, helping them in holistic development of the students in academic, cultural, sports and recreation fields.

Our motto is "A Spark to inspire knowledge and values". I promise that we will make all efforts to build successful scholars and leaders replete with human values with the help of our qualified teaching faculty, with an ideal teacher student ratio from the very beginning.

"Our aim is to define a child to know his potential so that he can sparkle in this modern futuristic globe"


Dr. Yudhvir Singh


Director's Messege

   "Awake, Arise or be forever Fallen"

Dear all,
Royal international residential school (managed by Om Vishnu Education Society) is a school where students are encouraged to utilize their individual talents to their fullest potential, while learning which approach to education best facilitates their learning styles. Our teachers hold the philosophy that each student comes with strengths and talents that may or may not be evident to the child. Creating a safe learning environment where students will be able to flourish academically while boosting their self-confidence and self-image is essential for academic and social-emotional growth to take place. Individual strengths will be utilized as students are encouraged to learn beyond the ministries prescribed learning outcomes for their grade level, a multifaceted curriculum will be enriched with hands on learning and self-directed project work.

Building blocks in the education of each student will be built up in an environment which understands the students need for direction and positive re-enforcements. Assessment and evaluation will be inclusive of the student's efforts as well as their understanding of the curriculum; all grades will be designed to do justice to each student's learning style and capabilities. Current events will be covered in social studies with the aim that students understand the concepts covered in the curriculum as well as being challenged to apply them to their understanding of the real world. The science and math program will include hands on learning and be taught in a manner which reaches each students learning style. The school will be active in utilizing the campus as well as the faculty members. In the classroom, group work and cluster teaching in small groups will maximize each students time spent with the teacher, and encourage positive working relationships with other students. Students will be encouraged to research topics which have been carefully designed together with their teacher and parents to engage interest and facilitate maximum learning potential. The teaching will cover the appropriate curriculum for each student's grade level while encompassing content which will teach students how to be effective learners. Organizational skills and self-monitoring techniques will run throughout the curriculum with an emphasis on understanding how each individual learns and teaching them the best way for each individual student to approach learning.

The residential concept has been unique and has been designed keep at par the international standard. An emphasis will be on holistic development of a child.

RIRS is not only a school but also a concept, a carnival of learning and wisdom.

Dr.  Jyotsana

Principal's Messege

Dear Students,

Being a part of RIRS I am proud to be the better one to tell you the world constantly making new and amazing era. Come ! join us to relay your potentialities into realities and also fortify yourself with the required knowledge and dexterity to face the contest of the challenging world.

I wish my students and staff every success and proud achievements at RIRS. I am confident that God will make your time spent in this educational institute exceedingly rewarding, pleasant, magnificent and with better outcome.

Light the spark of excellence to create a better world. 

With Best Wishes. 



School Affiliation

The School is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi. School's affiliation no. is 530879 and School No. is 40850.

The CBSE is an autonomous body working under the aegis of the Ministry of HRD. It is the second oldest Board of the country set-up in 1929.

There are approximately 8300 schools affiliated with CBSE as on date which include KVs, Government, Independent and JNV schools located in India and 20 other countries of the world. Curriculum Development and curriculum innovation have been the pursuit of the Central Board of Secondary Education over the years to make the curriculum more meaningful, relevant and life-oriented.

We are proud that Royal International Residential School is also one of the Institutions affiliated to The CBSE-Delhi.