Teaching and Motivation Technology

The teaching environment is based on love, harmony, trust and affection. The motive is not only to teach but also to build up the character, so that the pupil can lead the world in every manner.

Audio visual education system to make difficult things easier. Idle minds are nurtured into agile ones with student centered teaching style which instils confidence, initiative and develops critical and analytical skills.

Personality Development

To build confidence and encouragement, to develop leadership by giving students ample opportunities to bring out talent.

The school endeavours to shape all round personality of the pupil by offering manifold opportunities for participation in various co-curricular and wide range of hobbies like drawing, painting, music, dance, social work and community service which raises self esteem.

Cognitive Methodology

Subject offered
1. Humanities 
Compulsory Subject:-
(a) English        (b) Hindi
Optional Subject: (c) Geography  (d) Pol. Sc.    (e) History      (f) Economics      (g) Physical Education        (h) Music                                (i) Painting    (j) Maths

2. Commerce -
(a) English   (b) Accountancy   (c) Economics / 
Maths    (d) Business Studies  (e) Physical Education/ Music/ Painting

3. Science-
(a) English   (b) Physics    (c) Chemistry   (d) Biology/ Math   (e) 
Physical Education/ Music/ Painting

RIRS imparts education to enrich the inquisistiveness of the students. it inspires them to take part in different activities and compititions throught out india to extract the best from them.